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Fun Fog Effect Beverage Drink Cooler, That Has A Straw. Helps Keep Drinks Cold Longer

Halloween Fun

Use Arctic Dry Ice For Fun Fog Effects & Creepy Halloween Trick O' Treating

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who we are

Arctic Dry Ice, Inc. specializes in handling all of South Florida’s refrigeration and frozen needs. Since 1992, we have been providing the quick distribution of dry ice products, Styrofoam coolers, and gel packs for all residential and commercial needs. We care about the preservation of your perishable items.

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great for

  • Refrigeration and Frozen Needs
  • Hurricanes
  • Power Outages
  • Shipping Food
  • Fishing
  • Shipping Medical Specimens
  • Special Effects
  • School Projects
  • And More!
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latest update

now selling dry ice for cold caps

Cold Caps are used for scalp cooling during cancer chemotherapy processes.  The cap is filled with dry ice and then tied snugly to the head.  This is known to help reduce hair loss in cancer patients and help them keep their hair.  We provide the dry ice for the caps. (more…)

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