Dry Ice For Halloween Fog Effects

Halloween and other Special Events: 

Always have plenty of dry ice on hand for Halloween and any special event. Dry ice is great for creating that special effect in a witch’s cauldron, carved or plastic pumpkin or creating that special effect for your party or event.

Create A Fog Effect With Dry Ice: Large Plastic Bowl Or Container, Hot Water and Arctic Dry Ice.

Fill your favorite Halloween plastic container half way with hot water, add a few pieces of dry ice every 5-10 minutes. As the water cools you will need to add more hot water to maintain a better fog effect. Approximately 5 pounds of Arctic Dry Ice will create about 8-10 minutes of fog.


Facts You Should Know When Using Dry Ice: Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide (CO2). Regular water ice exists at temperatures of 32F (0C) and below; dry ice is extremely cold, 109F (79C). Unlike water ice, dry ice does not melt. Instead it sublimates, changes directly from solid to gas, releasing C02. Carbon dioxide vapor is heavier than air and in confined, poorly ventilated spaces it can displace air, causing asphyxiation. It is possible for CO2 vapor to accumulate in low-lying areas, outside, under zero or very light wind conditions.

— USE CAUTION! Handle dry ice with care. ALWAYS — USE GLOVES when handling dry ice. Oven mitts or even a towel can also be used when handling dry ice. NEVER touch dry ice directly to skin as it can cause frost bite, burns and other injuries. Use in a well ventilated area as the release of carbon dioxide gas may cause difficulty breathing and can result in suffocation. Keep containers ventilated. If using a plastic cooler, leave lid cracked open and/or open the drain spigot.

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